Sword Art Online, A Popular Hentai Series with A Psychological Twist

Sword Art Online hentai is a well-known Japanese novel series that is especially made for all high and middle school students. This series is actually based on a future world where multiple players get together in a multiplayer online role playing game to interact with each other inside a virtual world. In 2012, Sword Online was hailed as the topmost selling novel series. Sword Art Online hentai is highly appreciated for using the effects of a virtual world on a person’s psychology. Like other popular hentai series, Sword Art Online hentai is filled with graphic depictions of sexuality that includes paring, kissing, stripping, anal sex, blowjobs, boob sucking and licking.

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The story of Sword Art Online hentai spans across 4 different novels. These are discussed below in brief:

In the first novel of the series called the Sword Art Online, the story starts on the year 2022 when a number of youngsters start to play with an online role-playing virtual reality game known as Sword Art Online. The game also had a nerve gear tool through which each player can have control over their in-game characters by using their mental power. As they play the game, all of the players realize that they cannot log out from the game. Soon the creator of the game Akihiko Kayaba tells the players that the players need to reach the 100th tower of the game and then face and defeat his game virtual character so that they can get out of the game. Akihiko Kayaba also tells the other characters of the game that as soon as any of their virtual character lapses or dies in the game, they are also going to die in the real world as well. This makes all of the players trapped for their lives inside this game. Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya is the main protagonist of this novel who being a skilled player tries to rescue the other players. He also befriends Asuna, a female player while playing who becomes his object of affection. Together they discover Heathcliff, the virtual avatar of Kayaba and destroy him at the end to rescue all the players.

Alfheim Online

Alfheim Online is the second of the four novels. In this novel, Kirito realizes that the players are still trapped within the virtual world and this includes Asuna as well. Kirito takes the help of Suguaha, his sister who is known as Leafa within the virtual world and realizes that the game is actually controlled by an evil person known as Nobuyuki Sugō. The intent of Nobuyuki Sugō is to perform various illegal experiments on the players’ minds so that he can make them his slaves. When it comes to Asuna, Nobuyuki Sugō intends to marry her and have power over her family’s business company. At the end of the novel, Kirito rescues all of the players including Asuna and they both get married.

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Gun Gale Online

In the third installment of this series, Kiroto investigates the connection between the virtual and the real deaths that have occurred in the real world. Along with Sinon, a virtual female player known for her beauty, he discovers and exposes the culprits associated with this murderous virtual game.

Under World Series

This game has an interface that is more real than those of previous games. The time passes a thousand times faster compared to the real world in this series. Kiroto unfortunately falls into the enemy’s trap by waking up within the game world in real and finds that he is not able to get out. Over time, he starts to doubt himself, not being sure whether he is a real person or a character within this virtual game.


Fairy Tail Xxx, An Exciting And Popular Hentai Series

Fairy Tail XXX is a highly popular Japanese Manga Series that has been illustrated and written by Hiro Mashima. Its story and plotline is based on the fictional world of Fiore Kingdom where the residents can perform a wide range of magic tricks. The Hentai Manga Series has already won numerous awards and recognitions that make it one of the most successful manga series ever made in Japan. In 2011, Fairy Tail XXX was ranked as the 4th bestselling Manga series created in Japan. In 2009, the series won two important awards which include the Japanese Animation’s Industry Award for being the best comedy manga series and Kodansha Manga Award for being the best Shonen Manga. The Fairy Tail series of manga has also been recently adapted for Film TV series.

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The story of XXX begins with the protagonist Lucy Heartifilia, who is a 17-year old celestial wizard. She decides to run away from her home in order to join the Fairy Tail, a well known wizard association whose acting members are quite famous for their destructive antics. On her way, Lucy Heartifilia befriends Natsu Dragneel. Natsu is also going to the Fiore land with Happy, his companion which is a flying blue cat. Natsu is in search of Igneel, his Father who had mysteriously disappeared seven years back. While they are on their way, Lucy is abducted by an Evil Wizard who poses as a Salamander of the Fairy Tail. Lucy is rescued from the evil wizard by Natsu, who then reveals his true identity of being a real Salamander as well as a dragon slayer who has the powers of a dragon. Over the time, Lucy and Natsu develop strong feelings for each other. Natsu then invites Lucy to join the Fairy Tail Guild.

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Lucy, Natsu and his flying blue cat Happy form a great team and together they take on different types of exciting adventures. On their way, they make friends with numerous exciting people who also help them to have great adventures. Some of these exciting characters include Gary Fullbuster, the ice wizard and Erza Scarlet, the armored female wizard who can fight against the evil wizards. The Hentai Manga Series has plenty of hot teenagers. These teenage characters are known for having lithe, rocking bodies and a charming, cool attitude. Therefore it is quite natural that they are going to have great sex between themselves. The hentai series has hundreds of hot sexual and intimate scenes where these characters get together to have sex. These characters fuck each other; receive blowjobs; kiss; perform bondage on each other; get raped as well as perform a wide range of other wild sexual fantasies.

Among the Fairy Tail XXX hentai series that have the most sensual and erotic sexual scenes are Moshimo Teki na Are and Okuchi no Ehon. Moshimo Teki na Are has scenes that show Jellal having sex with Erza and performing acts like breasts fondling, boob sucking, anal sex as well as deep French kissing.